Your breakthroughs and their bad reputation

As I sit at my favorite “work station”, enjoying my view of the banana, avocado, and mango trees that sit outside my window, I felt the need to reach out to you right now.

How are you feeling?  Have you been juicing the experiences of the women who’ve shared themselves with you thus far?

If your week was too hectic, grab a cup of your favorite drink right now and read below to lean in on all that has happened in our Emotional Wellness Conference to date.

Oftentimes, when someone is bold enough to share, their stories offer access to breakthroughs for those of us who listen.  But let me ask you…

Do your breakthroughs have a bad reputation of riling you up, getting you poised and primed for real change, only to fizzle out after a few days, leaving you back in the space you swore you’d never get back to?

Front like that’s not true… I’ll wait while you ‘fess up.  (picture me with folded arms and one raised eyebrow).

If that’s your truth, I have two resources to help you nurture those breakthroughs and align yourself with real, long-term change:

The Execumama's Survival Guide

This kit—the inspiration behind this conference.  I asked each of our brilliant speakers to answer some questions that came straight out of this kit, and their responses are essentially the short version of the work you can do through this easy-to-follow process.  It contains the ebook, an audio book, and a few worksheets.  Strategy + Soulwork.  #GetSome

This conference—where I get the honor of publicly celebrating emotional wellness in my life, in our speakers’ lives, and in yours.  Click here to see everything that has happened so far.

Look out for my email on Monday when our next speaker lights up our e-stage with her bold share about emotional wellness.

Thanks for being here for this!