Your Body Has a Voice Too

My client-turned-friend Ivy La Artista is offering us a brilliant way to give voice to our bodies this week.

Know that shame we carry around for not looking the way we’re “supposed to look”? Or that warranted frustration from the on/off relationship we have with exercise or healthy eating?

Or that feeling we get when we compare parts of our bodies to other people’s bodies, leaving us feeling inadequate in ways that really have nothing to do with our truths?

Yep, those are all ways that we mute our voices, and our temples suffer that consequence right along with our emotions.  But here’s what you can do today to take a step in a different direction

Capture Freedom
Follow these steps to join this outward celebration of Self-love campaign and start releasing your body and your emotions from harmful body image expectations:

1. Take your picture or video
2. Post it to social media: FB, Twitter, Instagram, G+
3. Use the hashtags: #SeeBodyLoveSelf, #CapturedFreedom #SBLS

Every hashtagged post will be entered to win $25 worth of body care products from Smell Goods Spa.

Drawings will be broadcast live on YouTube.
Follow See Body. Love Self. on social media for drawing announcements!

So go ahead, capture pictures and video of YOUR Body Love in action.