YOU: Already The Best Thing

Happy Monday!

I’m starting my week with positive energy, focused thoughts, and clearly defined goals.  A part of my goal defining process is getting (and staying) clear about how my daily actions line up with my ultimate professional goal of aligning women with the resources they need to live their best lives.  As such, I’m sharing with you this (by no means exhaustive) list of reasons why you in particular are the bomb dot com.

Don’t wait for your chance to be the “Next Best Thing”! Decide on it right now, and start (or keep) being that smart, savvy, impressive, inspiring, relentless mama that you already are!

7 Days, 7 Reasons You’re Already The Next Best Thing

You were honest and open about your feelings and wants — there is a reward in store for you!

Remember that time you were this|close to giving up, but decided to brush the dirt of your butt and give it another go?  There’s a reward in store for that resilience.

Even though you haven’t quite let go, you’re praying for the strength to see it through, and you genuinely want to be better.  That matters, and one more deep breath might just take you there.

You could have let that jacked up feeling push you towards doing something mean, but remember how you chose the high road?  There’s a reward in store for that decision.

Okay, your follow-through isn’t the best, but you’re smart, kind, and enterprising, and if you can just focus on your strengths and connect with the resources to which you can either delegate or sharpen your less-than-awesome traits, then you’re that much closer to thriving!

You could have stayed at that job, or in that relationship, and convinced yourself that it would just be easier than facing the unknown–but you didn’t.  There’s a reward in store for your act of faith.

Your week was riddled with adversities and opportunities to just quit.  But you haven’t, and you won’t. Have a brownie and smile to yourself; you’ve earned it!