Yoga for Weight Loss

[picappgallerysingle id=”107934″] My friend Tiffany Brown has always been intense. An ideal example of a take-no-junk type of women, Tiff is incredibly smart, as sassy as they come, undeniably pretty, stronger than most, and filled with ideas and drive. We’ve been friends since the 10th grade, seen each other through our college years at Clark Atlanta, and now in adulthood, we’ve maintained our friendship.

I’ve seen Tiffany face and overcome several obstacles in her life, and I swear, I think God is grooming her to be the next Mahatma Gandhi, because she has had more than anybody’s fair share of tribulations. Mostly though, Tiff is a survivor; things come her way, she gets eye to eye with that thing, and wins the stare down every time…well, almost every time.

“I’m ashamed of this one thing in my life. I’m tired of being tired, and I’m tired of IT winning! Mostly, I’m strong, but this one thing has me down for the count, and I’m tired of the defeated mindset. The weight is a stronghold; a spiritual battle that I’ve yet to be able to conquer.”

Thankfully, there are resources in place for women like Tiffany to maintain their goal toward their best self, and one such resource comes in the form of another Tiffany (see, they’re already connected!), whose Yoga for Weight Loss plan, a holistic wellness program that incorporates mind/body health fitness and wellness into the weight loss regimen, has helped metro Atlanta women win the battle with their bodies through the discipline of yoga.

“If you chew a piece of gum, I want to know!” Tiffany Campbell said to her newest client during their first phone consult. Tiffany (Brown) listened keenly as her new trainer gave her the scoop on how the program would unfold. “I’ll be honest with you the [the whole way through], because my habits are bad.” Tiffany (Brown) knows her weakness isn’t overindulgence, but little habits that add up to excess body fat, constant fatigue, aches, pains, and an overall feeling of YUCK!

Are any of Tiffany’s habits a little to similar to yours?

  • I don’t get enough of the foods that are going to sustain me, and I go for convenience.
  • I don’t eat enough. I eat when I’m hungry, which by then it’s just whatever’s easy and convenient.
  • I don’t think sodas are something I should “never” drink, but I want to get to the point where I don’t drink them as often.
  • I don’t cook, and I’ll probably never be “the cooking type”, but I want healthier options because I eat out too often.
  • I don’t exercise consistently, because I’m always too tired.

With a committed mindset coupled with the education that Yoga for Weight Loss will bring, Tiffany Brown is focused on success.   “I’m not expecting some super-duper transformation, but definitely a good start to a healthier lifestyle.”

Tracking Tiffany’s Beautiful Journey

Over the next five weeks, will be tracking Tiffany’s progress, cheering her on, and giving our readers tips on creating lifestyle changes, one step at a time through yoga, meal planning, and overall wellness practices.  Next week, we’ll do a one-on-one with Tiffany, vlog style, and I’m looking forward to introducing my long-time homie to you!

“Life is changing for me. I’m on a positive swing, and I want to be a full mind-body-and spirit when I go on to experience this new life!” -Tiffany Brown

We’re with you, Tiffany!! We appreciate you taking your journey public in hopes that others will be inspired to move forward and overcome too!  Let’s DO IT!