Writings on Mothering and Motherhood

My intention in sharing this is to contribute to a carefully, consciously, and deliberately comprised collective body of narratives about Black women by Black women ourselves. In this essay series, I use mothering as the medium.

Why? Because motherhood raised me. It is still raising my consciousness, and challenging me to look past my past, and settle into myself and my family as we are right now.

It also helps me look forward to our future. And to do my best to embody a sense of mothering and motherhood that leaves plenty of space for the things I do not know, and the things I need to stop trying to control.

Since becoming a mother, I have been mining my experiences and producing stories about the ways motherhood raises my vibration; raises me.

And when I say motherhood, I do not just mean mothering my daughters, either. I also mean mothering myself in moments, and allowing my own mother to mother me as an adult.

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