You have an idea, I have a strategy. Let’s write a book.

You have a vision that both scares and excites you.

You, AN AUTHOR of a damn good book?

Maybe you’re wondering if you have what it takes because
you’re a perfectionist…who procrastinates.

Perfectionism and Procrastination are present when you:

Put Product Over Process

Planning out the story and trying to fit your writing into your plan.

Compare Creativity

Defining “good writing” by comparing your work to other people’s work.

Try To Force A Flow

Setting unrealistic writing goals and accepting the possibility of failure.

Overthink Your Offer

Getting overwhelmed with the directions in which the story can go.

Sabotaging the creative process is the number one reason we don’t finish what we start, and why, if we do manage to finish, we’re not confident about what we produce.

But what if, instead of rejecting perfectionism and procrastination, we EMBRACE it for what it is…
an opportunity for you to stand in your strength (the end result of the book), and partner with a seasoned writer to get your message out into the world?

See below for details about your two primary options…

Ready To Finally Write This Book?



    Here’s how I support you through the writing process:

  • PLANNING: We’ll get our brain worms wiggling. Share your ideas with me, and we’ll produce a map for clarity and structure. This space is created to support you in narrowing and defining topics/subjects for your book, developing logical structures for those topics, managing the project, and identifying any gaps in the outline.
  • DRAFTING: We’ll spend up to 12 weeks introducing the book and topic in a way that makes the reader want read more, establishing the most logical angle and point of view, expounding on the topics, and focusing on flow and voice.
  • REVISING: You’ve finished the first draft, but skip revision, and you cheat yourself. In these final two weeks, we’ll ensure that you’ve kept your promises to the reader, check for flow and a strong writing voice, identify areas that need strengthening, add transitions where necessary, and complete your bio + blurb.
I’m Ready to Write!

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21 Days of Accountability


A condensed version of the 12-week book writing coaching that’s ideal for those who need help:

  • Getting started
  • Taking a book off the backburner
  • Finishing the first draft and/or revising the second draft

Once a week, we’ll chat for an hour to discuss where you are in the process and adjust your goals accordingly. You have unlimited email access in between calls to assist you in maintaining the momentum.

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Fundamental Strategy Session


If you’ve already started it, send me your progress before our 90-minute call. I’ll give you feedback on up to 25 pages. If you haven’t already started it, but kind of know where you want to go, we’ll brainstorm together and complete the detailed outline. By the time you hang up, you’ll have the clarity and tools to knock out the next three milestones in your writing process.

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I know how it feels to chase your dream with little to no support in your corner. To battle with this thing call self-doubt, but being willing to give it all you got in spite of having a thousand other things to do.

I published my first book as a full-time senior in college. And a police dispatcher, brand new wife, and mother of two. I was busy, stressed, tired, broke, and had plenty of valid reasons to hold off. I couldn’t, however, because the dream wouldn’t shut up. Characters lived in my mind who grew more real everyday. Aspects of my story infused with theirs and clawed to be told. I only had it in me to write a couple sentences some nights, but those sentences added up to paragraphs, pages, chapters, then eventually a book.

The morning of my first day of law school, I concluded law wasn’t my thing. Storytelling was. So I didn’t show up. Instead, I enrolled in an MFA Writing program to further explore this thing called writing. I mentored middle school students who didn’t know they had stories in them until they got a pen and a nudge. I returned to my alma mater to teach writing workshops before venturing out and doing a few workshops on my own. Then I took an even bigger jump and decided to pursue my passion on a full-time basis.

Every experience is a story, and every story, in some aspect, is a confession. Confessing can be difficult, but it’s always liberating, and I’m addicted to experiences and stories that release something in me and further free me up inside.

I teach passionate people

how to explore and express their experiences through writing.

Are you ready?


Getting Across

Once a thick-headed, fast-tailed, big-city dreaming teenager, Louisa moved to New Orleans where she clawed her way to her position as a millionaire madam. She made many sacrifices for this title, including abandoning her role as a mother. Back alleys, betrayals and bribery were all pieces of her puzzle.Everything comes with a price. That was her first lesson learned. Even money costs, and the price that Louisa paid for her wealth keeps her up most nights.

When she returns home to visit her dying mother, she’s reminded of everyone she’s wronged, including her neglected daughters. Losing her mother urges her to make peace with her past, but making money is easy; coming clean isn’t.

Can she face her fears and clear her conscience, or will she return to the ever-secretive underworld?


Getting Over

From the author of What the Devil Meant For Bad comes this emotional, down-to-earth story of four sisters abandoned by their mother-turned-madam as teenagers. Now adults, through their own respective struggles, they’re forced to decide to either continue pointing fingers or choosing to take full responsibility for who they are and want to be as women.

What the Devil Meant For Bad

Marking the third generation in her family to mistress as a means of making ends meet, Shantelle was simply going along with what was passed down. Raised by her bitter-hearted, sharp-tongued Aunt Pam, she’s never really questioned anything out of fear of causing unnecessary tension. Until now.One mistake causes her to lose everything. After she’s taken in by Glynnis, who becomes her spiritual guide, Shantelle adopts a new way of living and thinking. Now knowing better, she must make the critical choice of redirecting her journey or resorting to what she knows best.

The struggle in getting back on her feet makes the choice a tough one, however. Doing the right thing grows even more complicated when she meets the last person she ever thought she would, causing everything she thinks she knows to be questioned once again.