Write your book, now!

“…we can’t sit back and wait for some invisible jury to stamp our creative passport and tell us our art is okay. We ship our work to express ourselves and please our audience. Everybody else can go to hell.”

“As long as we’re willing to cede permission, risk our face and step across the lines of artistic safety – at the risk of getting a few black eyes – originality can happen. “If we think there’s nothing new under the sun, remember that the sun is eight hundred and sixty four thousand miles in diameter. If we can’t find something new under it, we’re not looking hard enough.”

Complete this sentence:

If all my financial needs were met, and I had a failsafe formula for money-making, I’d spend most of my life _____________________________________ .

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What’s your answer? Say it out loud since the Universe is always listening!

Mine would be a simple three-word answer: writing and traveling.

Writing has always been my True Love. As far back as my mind can go, I’ve recalled myself writing to get inside my own head, and to make sense of the world around me.

I hear my Highest Self, and I access the most peace through writing.

What about you?


Are you a closet-writer?
A dabbler with a few e-books and a million great ideas?
A fan-freaking-tastic blogger with posts that make folks cry?
An experienced author with accolades an’ thangs?

If you’re any of the above – this post is for you, my love.

This inspiration came to me through Scott Ginsberg, the author of the quotes I used at the beginning of this post. (He was slinging some badass, expression-risking words, right?! #CosignUpInHere)

If you’re a writer, READ THIS IN ENTIRETY!

Liberated Engagement Expert – Author Releases 8 Books in One Day, Flips the Digital Bird to the Mainstream Publishing Industry

Most authors pontificate about how many publishers and agents rejected them before they made it big.

Ten years ago, Scott Ginsberg hired himself. Since then, he’s written and published thirteen internationally recognized books that have made money, made a career and made a difference. And the best part is, he hasn’t been rejected – even once.

“Why torture ourselves listening to voices that don’t matter when we could be executing work that does? Seems to me, the best way to bring home the bacon is to raise our own pigs. That way, when we’re hungry, all we have to do is grab a knife and go outside.”

Impatient by nature, Scott’s is attempting to garner the official Guinness world record by a single author officially releasing eight books on one day.

It’s a global message about the state of the publishing industry and a thank you in perpetuity to the audience that has supported, shaped and stuck with him over the past decade.

Delish, right? Here, I pulled out what spoke to me the most, and I think it’ll speak to you too.

Digital isn’t the future – it’s the present. “Books aren’t going away, paper is,” writes Ginsberg on his award-winning blog. “Which sucks, since I love the smell of books. But I write faster than I can print. And now, thanks to digital, that velocity can convert into value for my readers.” That’s the state of the industry, Scott says. With the infinite shelf space of the web, with the major publishers approaching irrelevancy, with the long tail knocking down barriers to entry, with behemoth retailers like Borders going bankrupt, with zero printing and shipping costs, and with minimal design and setup costs, digital is here to stay. “Never again do writers have to wonder: Who’s going to let me? Now the only question that matters is: Who’s going to stop me? And the answer is, nobody.”

Volume is the vehicle to value. “Some authors are good writers,” Ginsberg tweets, “but most are just good businesspeople riding the wave of past literary glory.” For Scott, his enterprise is all about ubiquity. And after a decade of writing, publishing, performing and consulting, here’s what he discovered: Volume trumps accuracy. It doesn’t matter if you’re right; it matters if you’re everywhere. Volume trumps knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you know what you’re doing; it matters if you’re doing a ton of it. Volume trumps popularity. It doesn’t matter if the world likes you; it matters if your audience loves you. And volume trumps influence. It doesn’t matter if you’re persuasive; it matters if you’re pervasive. “Some people have babies, I have books,” laughs Scott, “they’re not as fun to make, but certainly less expensive.”

Oh, and one last nudge into the direction of your Un-muted Voice…

“It’s impossible for writers to matter in a void. If we want to win, we need an audience. Otherwise we’re just winking in the dark. Access doesn’t lead to the value – access is the value. “When we run into the corners, nooks and crannies, make something we love for the people who love us, focus our time on creating brilliant work that speaks to people in a way they have never been spoken to before, we change everything.”


So, tell me whether this tugged at that Writer Within who needed a fire lit under her behind to start (or keep moving). What can you share now that you’ve heard that there is just YOU and YOUR VOICE, all else is whatever you make it.

Scott published 8 books in one day! The titles include:

Winking in the Dark,

Consistency is Far Better Than Rare Moments of Greatness,

Friendly Costs Nothing But Changes Everything,

Hire Yourself,

One Smoking Hot Piece of Brain Candy,

Playing for Keeps,

Stick-to-itiveness and

You’re Not There to Answer Their Questions.

These books, published through his company, HELLO, my name is Scott, are now available for sales on Amazon.com.