Lights ON!

World Travel, Entrepreneurship, and General Awesomeness

The Reality of the Fulfilled Woman


1. you’ve yet to look in the mirror and say: you are finally doing it!
2. you’re allowed to turn what you love to do into what you offer/sell #LifeDesign
3. gratitude opens doors, and giving opens hearts

…and there are 74 more reasons why you should turn your light on already, and BE that version of yourself you keeping saying will eventually come.

I’ve met many of you, and I continue to swoon and cheer in your honor.  I know as your eyes stare at these words, there’s creative brilliance and life-changing offerings nestled in your head and heart.  I’m nudging you and imploring that you share—with me; with the world; with your present/future/self; with that little girl inside of you who wanted everything, but somehow convinced herself that she had to get practical, patient, and even doubtful about what she had to offer, and who it may help.

Like so many of us, I’ve lived in my head and through my writing for years.  I’ve written countless stories about traveling the world like my newest gem of a find, Pamela Slim, or my longtime inspiration, Chris Guillebeau.  I’ve visualized the holy hell out of my life as an international women-focused speaker and author, and Kris and I have had long conversations with each other and our daughters about how great it will be when we travel the world together.  But, the trouble with visualizations and delusions of attracting my best life is this: I get stuck on the image, and forget to create the internal atmosphere for the things I desire to come through me, not to me.  In other words, I get stuck falling in love with the photo of Morocco, and neglect to create the conditions that facilitate my actual flight to the country! That’s over, and since my breakdown breakthrough, I’ve changed so much and realized so many things into my life, that I have no choice but to stay unstuck! I have transitioned from attracting/creating/wanting/expecting/goal-setting to actual BEING/REALIZING/DOING/SHOWING/SHUTTING-UP-AND-WALKING-MY-THOUGHTS.

Are you ready to do that in your life?  Are you ready to walk your thoughts?  Are you ready to turn something you absolutely love to do into something you offer to clients more than willing to compensate you for your unique energy? GO FOR IT, MAMA!

Her Light Is On