Word Prose for Pinterest


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You down?
Words wield wondrous worlds with what they bring.
Memories. Laughter. Pain. Pleasure. People. Power. Things.

Think about the things we’d miss if words weren’t with us.
Your body can tell stories, but your words hold gentle whispers.
And I know you tell your sweetest stories
and dig deep for your truest truths
when you can whisper your words, or write them down
deep down where you’ve placed your roots.

Words worth whispering are the best kinds, to me
because whispered words work well in written form,
and give access to the parts of you
that you mightn’t otherwise see.


Sea. Seas of words whirling ’round in your psyche
Giving you pictures, and guiding you to You
through me.
and my words.
And may these words
hold the divine permission slips
set to you to rhythm like percussion and black women’s hips

And set you on fire for the finer form of expression,
which is of course, found neatly nestled in words.

I love words. How about you?

Word Prose