Women Entrepreneurs and Style

When we finally transition from corporate employee to small business owner, the changes in our lives run the gamut from hardly noticeable to truly remarkable.  Emotionally, we feel liberated, courageous, and curious about the ways in which our lives will change.  On the other side of that coin comes alarm, doubt, and even the potential to cling to another “stable income” vine such as a part time job unrelated to our primary passion.

In my five years as an entrepreneur, I’ve experienced some of the phases of business ownership, and particularly as a mother, those phases can take their toll and render us many things; some of them exciting and empowering, others–not so much.

Oftentimes, we fall into self-sacrifice mode, untrained on how to remember ourselves as we take care of our families and nurture our professional offerings.  If we’re blogging most days, networking in person a couple of times a month, and attending conferences a few times per year, do we lose our ATBF (Ability To Be Fly) because we’re no longer get dressed each morning with the goal of at least seeming well put together?  Today I’m focused on Self as it relates to our appearance.  Yep, it’s a Don’t Get Frumpy Alert, and I’m giving you the shoulder tap.

  • So, what’s the deal–should our style change when we transition into self-employed status?
  • Is loss of style a standard casualty of the self-employed mother?

I don’t know, mama, but I’d like to think I’m still semi-fly while these children I’m raising keep me happily on my toes and these businesses I’m running keep me curious about how they unfold.

This Saturday, my friend and fellow Execumama, Tawana Necole of Corporate Chics, are chatting with Personal Stylist, VirtuousOne about all things STYLE!  You can watch us on Ustream or follow along on Twitter or Facebook.  For details, check out BlogLive5: All About Style and chime in or simply jot down some style tips. In the meantime, go burn your Mom Jeans!!!!!!