Women and Money

We’ve got to have the talk, Execumamas!  With the holidays that have passed, and the ones yet to come, we’ve been whipping out our debit cards, swiping our credit cards, and tugging at our budgets probably more than any other time during the year.  While many of us were savvy enough to allocate portions of our monthly income toward holiday shopping, some of us simply made our desired purchases and endured the belly-flopping sensation that comes with purchasing yet another set of things.

Here’s the thing–as the CSOs (Chief Spending Officers, tee-hee!) in our household, we’d better have a handle on how we spend, or we can quite literally change the climate of our household with ever expended dollar.  Want some hard facts, check out this detailed piece by CEO Miriam Muley. We totally get it right? But the HOW TO can leave the best of us scratching our heads, scouring the web, and vowing (again) to get a handle on our paper.

Well, now’s as good a time as any to get from theory to practice where our hard-earned dough is concerned, and this week, at the heel of Black Friday shopping, this Execumama is lending her expertise to you and me, and if you’re as sharp as I suspect, you’ll be taking notes and figuring out how to work Tiffini Gatlin’s services into your family’s budget.

Want more details about finances, entrepreneurship, and generational wealth? Tiffini’s talking passion-to-profit this month over at blackenterprise.com, for starters! Oh, and if you’re socially vibrant, you can link up with Tiffini on Twitter as @theatlgotogirl.

If you’ve DEFINED the parameters of your best life, then your next step is to create the perfect DESIGN for you. Indeed, Life Design is about the conscious decision to live with purpose, to be in harmony with the things that make you happy, and to consistently be able to affirm your fullest self. Tiffini walks her thoughts in her life design, and that’s inspiration at its best, as far as I’m concerned.

So, what’s YOUR Life Design?  If you need help figuring that out, subscribe to execumama.com, and stay tuned for resources on how to do just that.