Winner, Winner, Tofu Dinner!

“The decision has been made.  You were right Akilah, it was TOUGH!”

That was the start of the email I received from our judge, T. Allen-Mercado, as she emailed me her choice of winner.  Yeah, “better her than me,” is all I’m sayin’, because ALL of the entries were beautifully stated, heart-felt sentiments that radiated through the screen of my trusty MacBook and left me enjoying the warmth of each participant’s willingness to share her shine. Thank you for participating, and I encourage all of you to make your lists on a regular basis, because you are all that and them some!

But, as my back-in-the-day favorite character Duncan McCloud of the Clan, McCloud would say on Highlander: There Can Be Only One!  *Cue the music*…

CONGRATULATIONS to Jennae Petersen of Green Your Decor! You’re our winner!!

Jennae will be whisked away to the land of Accentuated Beauty by our See Me Shine team, and she totally deserves it!!  Atlanta-based makeup artist Ivy Cooper (@IvyLaArtista) will highlight Jennae’s beautiful features with a complimentary makeup session, and then the creative duo, Kahran and Reg of Creative Soul Photography (@CSPhoto_Atl) will capture Jannae’s shine during her complimentary photo shoot.  Jennae will be able to capture herself in this particular element with her complimentary accordion book, graced with pictures of none other than her wonderful self!

Can you stand it?!!! I LOVE IT!!

Self-love is one of the things I constantly struggle with, and I’ve learned that this struggle makes it hard for me to accept it from anyone else. My husband will tell you how hard it is for me to take a compliment, and self-deprecating humor is a tried-and-true part of my limited social repertoire. This is pretty much the way it’s always been, but not the way it always has to be. I’m working to change it, and this exercise feels like the perfect place to begin. So here goes nothing:


Stay tuned as continues to find perfectly rational excuses to do great things for great women who deserve it! After all, in defining, designing, and living our fullest versions of ourselves, we must make time to co-illuminate with our fellow AMAZING WOMEN!