Why you should blame yourself

It’s processing time, party people!

How are you feeling so far?  Did you listen to our Session One speaker?  The comments she stirred up are just as valuable as the message in her video, so be sure not to skip those while you read.

While we digest the messages shared thus far, and start seeing ourselves as pilots (not passengers) on this experience in emotional wellness, let’s ponder these assertions:

No matter what’s going on in your life, the common denominator is YOU.

Barring the unforeseen tragedies of accidental deaths, genetic illnesses, and sudden acts of violence, whatever you experience is directly related to the sum of your daily actions.  I would love to hear an opinion in opposition to this, because I see it as an absolute truth.

This is not a Blame Game exercise at all; I just used that title to rile you up a bit, and to remind you that in essence, it IS ON YOU.  I’m facing that reality in some pretty uncomfortable ways in my own life right now, and I’m up for ride.  Are you?

You can choose to remove the people who do not support your growth

You can choose to stick to your goals, even when it seems “too hard” or “too complicated”

You can choose to seek out the people and products that equal progress, not procrastination

You can choose to shelter yourself with the resources that support your overall WELLNESS.

Do any of those assertions feel impossible?  If so, let’s talk about it.

Brooke Brimm is next on stage (this Friday), and I’m such a fan of her message! *Can’t wait*

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