Why We Are Prompted To Pause

The Divine Within is giving you a prompt.

There is a vital Quiet Space component
in our journey toward Radical Self Expression.

When we work for ourselves, it’s a big leap of faith.
When we take the leap though, we seldom make time to
get the input of our only permanent partner, our Creator.
It’s a bit like taking the trip first, then deciding to read the map.
I think it’s necessary to some extent, in entrepreneurship,
otherwise, we can end up giving ourselves a million excuses
as to whether or not it’s the “right time” or the “best time”
to go into business for ourselves.

But once you get in, you have to tap your partner in.
That partner works best in quiet space, where there is
minimal opportunity for distraction or interruption.
You need to trust it; there is major work in it for you.

When we start out, prayer and quiet meditation with Creator is enough.
When we lean in, and Creator entrusts us with more and more of our big picture,
then we need to allow our partner to lead.

That leadership work is not a 2-person job.

Take your time away.
Embrace the power of the pause.
Sit out a round. Or two.
For it is then that Creator can refine
everything you’re working toward.

Creator can see where you’re going,
as it was Creator who already laid the groundwork,
for you in particular.


Will you let your Earth-Self tell you
to keep pushing on,
because you’re all you’ve got?

Or will you let the work work through you,
in divine partnership with your Source?

If you are being prompted to pause…
Give thanks, then go ahead and PAUSE.

It is the ONLY way to get clarity around
your authentic VOICE.

Trust your process with full commitment,
and reap your rewards when you are
prompted to step back into your space.

Prompted to Pause is an excerpt from
my upcoming book of the same name.
It was inspired by Voice Lessons.

To learn more about Voice Lessons,
click the image below.

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