Why should she support you, sis?

Whirlwind.  That’s the word that best describes the post-launch feeling with which many of us are quite familiar.

Many of the women in my circle are regular “Launchers”, with projects that range from intimate gatherings with divine purposes, to large-scaled campaigns that influence thousands of existing and potential clients.

What have you launched lately?

A product?
A coaching service?
The announcement of an upcoming event?

Post it below, and let’s see how we can support it, or help you make it better.

That last part can be a bit of a sore spot for some of us, but perhaps I can help you to rethink the urge to get defensive about your launched project.

So good, they've gotta support!

I posted that in a private Facebook group while we chatted about support and feelings of loneliness in our work as women entrepreneurs.  That vacuum feeling where you’re not sure if anyone else understands your unique challenges, or sees the same needs you see so clearly, can hamper our willingness to stay present in our work.

Oftentimes, women like us feel like we’re doing it alone, and that the support we should have from our community is lacking severely.

But are you doing support-worthy work?

Did you put in the level of commitment and focus that support-worthy work exhibits?  I wanted to ask you that today, because I see the support issues we face, but I also see that we need to tighten up when it comes to the caliber of work we put out.

I definitely don’t believe our work needs to perfect, or error-free, or ideal in any way.  HOWEVER, I can see and clearly feel when a woman put a piece of her soul into her work.

She does it.

She does it.

She does it.

And many of you reading this email do it too.

And then others…maybe even you…do not.

Which one are you?  Can you get your EXCELLENCE on a little more in your work?

Can you honestly reach out to communities of potential supporters, and be confident that many of them will feel and see that your work may not be perfect (whatever the hell that means!), but it’s a result of focused effort?

If so, then you should absolutely expect to be supported, and you should be willing to support other women in their work too.

So, what do you think?  Should you only support women once you’ve vetted them and their work?  Or should you start with support, expect to be supported, and take it from there?

BY THE WAY, I’d love your support on my latest project, because you know I lean all the way in on my art…