Whose Feeling You Up? And Why?

Ever thought about the feeling you bring when you walk into a room?

Before you open your mouth, and before you crack a smile (or a scowl)…
What energy do you generally bring to a situation?

I was with two of my girlfriends the other day, and I mentioned that I was bullied heavily (pushes to the back of the head, outstretched legs that ended in me falling, and all) in elementary school when I first moved to the U.S.

They both said, almost in unison, “Whaaaat, Akilah was bullied!” I found it weird; not bad weird, but wonder weird, as in…

I wonder if I come off abrasive…
or I wonder if I come off like the bully type.

I knew for certain that there were no negative intentions in their words, so the thoughts didn’t go too far down my ego’s path, but instead served as the breadcrumbs I followed down the path of this post, and this question:

Does it matter to you how others feel when they think of you, or when you walk into a room?

For me, it depends on who “others” is. What about you?

These days, people say my oldest, Marley, and I feel like each other.
As in I walk into a room, and before the person sees that it’s me, they think it’s Marley, because somehow we feel like each other.

My husband says it, so does my mom, his parents, and so does our youngest daughter, Sage. Odd, right?

It has me thinking more about the energy I bring to a situation, and whether that’s different from my personality or my mood.

Her boy said the woman stunk up the van with her talking.
Mama’s raising a brilliantly aware boy.
This is vital because when we know what we will not accept,
we get and stay clear about the people and things
we deem acceptable.

and we are better equipped to make tough decisions like

when to walk away so you can reboot, like Katrina did
when to call bullshit on self-hate, like Ivy did
how to best express your art, like Itiel does
how to fill a tragically empty gap, the way Angelou does

and how to speak in honor of what we feels good,
and decline to engage in words and actions that counter
our God Selves, and our right to choose the energy we embody.

That’s my formula for living every day with all five senses, and for deciding what energy I embody.

Touch the world with compassion and confidence
Taste your success now and use it to flavor your goals
Smell the bullshit they spew, cover your nose, and go elsewhere
Taste the bitter aftertaste of your past, and smile wider at your Now
See yourself as proof of Creator’s brilliance…

and live that truth with your choices in

and how you want to FEEL and BE FELT.