When Money Is the Motive (Part I)

Do you prioritize money over emotional wellness?

Odd question, right?

I ask because I want to gauge whether I can help you shift your thinking from the prioritization of income to the prioritization of overall wellness——which, by the way, does not exclude money.

When I set up my day based on what I need to bring in (read: money), I find myself more stressed, and more inclined to feel like a victim of whatever people, processes, or emotions come into my experience for that day.

On the contrary, when I start my day with the intention to maintain a sense of deliberate intention, genuine fulfillment, and an insistence of minimal stress, things flow quite differently.

Let me show you what I mean:

The Money-focused Route

  • Wake up.
  • Check email.
  • Respond to some emails.
  • Delete unwanted emails.
  • Schedule promotional status updates and tweets.
  • Answer phone whenever it rings.
  • Check email again (and again).
  • Read through Facebook timeline/comment when inspired.
  • Look through finances and assess timelines.
  • Look through client prospect lists and make follow-up contacts.
  • Wrack my brain for ways to earn more money faster.
  • Feel stressed.
  • Eat comfort foods.
  • Avoid any activities resembling exercise.

What about you?

When you’re focused on money, how does it affect the design of your day?

When I get some feedback, I’ll share some of the strategies I use to shift my daily Life Design, and see if I can make some suggestions based on your specific responses.

Looking forward to shifting with you! *smiles*