Stop + Receive

When It’s Perfectly Okay To Just Stop and Stare

Ever faced a situation that made you want to drown your feelings in something?

A stiff drink.
18 brownies.
Exhausting sex.
The sound of a cash register.
A long drive.
Just something…anything…else.

Sometimes, we just want to escape the feelings that bitch slap us, and render us this|close to the lesser side of Surrender.  Been there!  But here’s the thing…

“Whatever we content with, has to contend with us too! Stare it down; let it face you; work on through it.”

It’s been nine weeks since I’ve joined The New FastGirls (TNFG) movement, and ho-nay, let me tell you— meeting Jasai (the movement’s founder) has truly enhanced my practice of being present!

The quote above came out of a conversation about the complexity of our findings when we take on the task of self-exploration. You know I had to juice this experience for us, because self-exploration is that bold step toward the ultimate good-good I call

Radical Self-expression.

Ever since Jasai and I had that conversation about honesty, I became reunited with my enthusiasm for the power of stoppage.  Every week, from bedtime on Sunday, until the sun rises on Tuesday, I, in the company of the other TNFG ladies JUST STOP.

We stop judging everything.
We stop going at full speed.
We stop overriding our internal cues.
We stop eating physical food.

This refrain practice (and it is a practice, so we’re none of us are professing perfection), combined with more mindful eating, and a deeper dive into Life Design has carried me to this reminder for me and for you.


Let whatever you’re contending with, contend with you too. When you feel like you can’t deal with it any longer, or you can’t stand not to do something about it, that might be the perfect time to simply STOP.

Stop obsessing——start letting go.
Stop blaming——start understanding.
Stop accepting——start moving forward.
Stop presenting——start being present.

Let your points of contention know that they have to contend with you too; and sometimes, your best weapon is to simply STOP.

Stop + Receive

Read (or re-read) this excerpt from my reflection post during my last trip to Jamaica, then carve out some STOPPAGE time for yourself. Okay? Pinkie-swear?

I believe that most of you have earned that right as well.  I also believe that without that STOP, you will not have the chance to USE what you’ve been given, because you (like me, at times) will get so caught up with being busy (often disguised as being driven/amazing/goal-oriented), that you drown out the message that is already there.

The message that since birth, is what Creator put in place for each of us to walk our path, live our story, and have the things we want, not just for ourselves, but for the lives we’ve been put here to touch.  

The rest of the post is here.