What to do with your need to fix shit

Life sure ain’t shy of opportunities to question God, ourselves, and humanity in general.  When someone you care about gets hurt, there is a very human need to resolve the hurt in some way.

I get that. Particularly when a loved one is reeling from a gripping loss, and all you want to do is that one thing that may make them feel better.

Kind of like this, right…

Sadness, despondence, defeat, and a cocktail of other deep gash emotions stomped around in her words and her world, and I felt the need to do something to fix the ways she felt.

That experience. The one where a friend or family member is in the thick of their emotional thing, and you want to be there for them, but you don’t exactly know how being there should look or feel?

I have. And as an Emotional Wellness Educator, I tend to get particularly unnerved when I can’t readily identify the fix-a-feeling brew for a loved one’s emotional ailment.

So, is this the bit of information that’s going to finally tell you how to solve that? And if there has to be a next time, will you then be able to help your friend get through it faster? easier? both?

I want to give you someone Life Design tools to move through that tough space.  You just read an excerpt from my “Fix-a-feeling” post over at Everyday Feminism. If you’re dealing with that set of emotions, read the rest of the post here.