What Have You Bought Into?

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[audio:http://www.execumama.com/life/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Buy-Into.mp3|titles=Buy Into]

WAAAAAIIIT…before you click that inconspicuous play button above to listen to the short, laid-back “chat”, let me just tell you up front that I’m speaking directly to you.  Yes, to you.  I love that my hubby Kris had the presence of mind to hit “record” while he and I had our weekly business development meeting. He’s also my branding coach, and he asked me to talk through what I would convey to a large group as I journey into this world of public speaking (yaay!).  I hope you get this, because though you’ll hear Kris’ voice from time to time, it’s really about the woman in me that speaks to, connects with, and in many ways IS the woman in you.

I ask that you speak back to me via comments (below) if this reaches you in any way.  No doubt, I LOVE and APPRECIATE the personal emails and DMs you send me—truth be told, they actually make me feel kinda “big dealish” because you make time in your life to connect with me one to one—but I need this to be a public conversation.

Why? Because we can actually talk each other through to our FULLEST selves.  I believe that, and since so many women in my life have helped me live my fullest life, I want to pass the baton on to you.  Now I’m asking you to listen, ponder, and then share whatever comes to you.  If what you share is solely about you, that’s perfect. If it’s a tip for someone else, that too is perfect.