What Do You See?

What Do You see?

Each of us see life through private filters.
Filters formed by our personal experiences.
Experiences that start and develop during childhood.

Childhood is usually where we first experience hurt.
Hurt we usually carry into our adult lives.
Lives we usually spend carrying around unnecessary baggage.
Baggage that we tend to forget is optional to carry.

See the pattern?

Filters. Experiences. Childhood. Hurt. Life. Baggage.

Did you choose those experiences?
Do those filters represent you?

For most of us, they do not.
And if you are part of that “most”, then…

choose to create new filters.

Choose yourself.
Choose your own process.
See what you see; not what they said you should see.
Or be.
Or accept.
Or look like.

Set your past down in those pieces of unwanted baggage,
and walk away from them. Today.

You don’t have to know exactly where to go.
Sometimes, you can just start by walking away from the place you no longer want to be.

See what you see, but create what you need.
One step away from your past is all it takes to start.

Start seeing your life on your own terms.