Wellness + Worth

Wellness is NOT about green smoothies, daily meditation, green living, and Buddhist chants! It’s simpler than that, and you have hundreds of moments each day in which you can choose to embrace your own wellness. #NotesToSelf

What does “wellness” actually mean, anyway?


Noun: The state or condition of being in good physical and mental health: “stress affects every aspect of wellness“.

Fine. I’m in pretty good physical health, and I’m not (100%) crazy, therefore, I’m in a state of wellness, right?  Perhaps, but answer these three questions, then come back to the “I’m in a state of wellness, right” statement, and tell me if it still fits:

1. Who runs the show; you or your thoughts? At night, when all is quiet and you’re alone with your thoughts, where do you go? If you’re incessantly mulling over how to pay a bill, how to survive another day at that sucky job, or how to “fix” something about yourself you don’t like, then your mental wellness is in jeopardy.

Why? Because focusing on the things that don’t feel so great (aka worrying) is the 1st cousin of stress! And when we are stressed, we are not exactly at the heights of wellness.

2. Is your body in peak-performance form? Are you within a healthy weight range, eating nutritionally balanced meals, and getting 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week?

Why? Because if you’re in the middle of a serious Loveolution with your body, you will find yourself being constantly fatigued, running on fumes, and being less than your best for most of your life. That’s no way to live!

My commitment to (physical and mental) wellness is about honoring my highest self.
My commitment to wellness is about feeling swaggerific when I look in the mirror.
My commitment to wellness is about being responsible for the decisions I make.
My commitment to wellness is about setting a good example for my daughters.
My commitment to wellness is about looking on the outside, the way I feel inside.
My commitment to wellness is about being able to hang with my babies at the park.

I know it can feel insurmountable sometimes, mama, but we know good and well that we deserve to feel good about ourselves. A part of that Feel Good philosophy comes from being present in our own decision-making processes, and correcting course as many times as we need in order to stay healthy inside and out.

I rely on my circle of resources to keep my inner Wellness Goddess nurtured. Here are few of ’em, in case you want to expand (or create) your own Wellness Circle.

Itiel McVay
:: Her bath and body products not only feel and smell good, but are organic and life-enhancing too!
Shelley Chapman :: A beautiful example of one who practices authentic living. She teaches women how to be present with their food and themselves.
Chante’ Smith & Sandra Hicks :: Their simple mantra, Be Beautifully Well, is such a pressure-free reminder that we can do a few little things each day in honor of ourselves.
Takeyah A. Young :: For me, Takeyah illustrates the benefits of wellness with her presence. Her personal and professional anchors focus on putting goodness into our bodies, then using the energy from that goodness to reward our bodies with mental and physical techniques that make us SHINE!

Want to step up your commitment to your inner Wellness Goddess?

Perhaps a few days in the hills of Ocho Rios, Jamaica might do you right?
I’ll be speaking fluent Life Design during Takeyah’s Yoga & Wellness retreat, here’s a sneak peek.


You still have time to pay your deposit and commit to yourself at a higher level. Will you join us?

Celebrating your wellness,