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It wasn’t that long ago that the genesis of 2011 found us in the mindset of renewed commitments to the most important aspects of our lives.

By September, you would have had 9 months—a full incubation cycle for a new life to form in-utero—to nurture, refine, and realize some of the vision for your life in 2011 and beyond.  What better way to celebrate yourself than to join us in the hills of Ocho Rios, Jamaica! So, …

Oh, wait, I guess I should share a bit of the backstory first, huh?

By now you should know that I’m all about best case scenario living.  Last year, I used With Mom in Mind to introduce the “Wellness Fusion Technique” reminders under my Health, Food, and Self philosophy. My fellow mommies (and eventual mommies) loved it, and  I’ve found another brilliant resource that shares that sentiments wholeheartedly!

Takeyah A. Young

As a certified Holistic Health Counselor, speaker, and educator,  Takeyah A. Young‘s expertise in health and well-being is inspiring for me personally and professionally. This September, she’s heading to my island, so I can’t be chillin’ in Atlanta while Takeyah works her Core Connection mojo in the very parish where my maternal grandparents were born and raised.  So, I’m going…

But then I thought, wait… the trip will be all sorts of awesome for sure, but couldn’t I over-awesome it by inviting my Execumama posse to come along?!

And so, I shall!

Jamaica Retreat 2011

I’ll be hosting a Life Design Workshop, and if you’ve gained anything from my writing on this site, then you’ll gain so much more when we work (and play) face to face.

WANT more details? I got you! Takeyah and I have devised a variety of ways for you to get to Jamaica this September,  including specialized coaching sessions, discounted rates, and round-trip airfare on me!

Click here for the yummilicious details. Health, Food, and Self: a holistic approach to finding your Core Connection, and allowing your ideal Life Design to fully emerge!

Who is this retreat for? This retreat is for women of ALL ages who want to invest in relaxation, rejuvenation, rest, life balance and living a more healthful life. Core Connection Lifestyle events are composed of women who are leaders in their homes, their work and in all areas of their lives….at any level. The retreat is for women who want to honor their bodies, embrace adventure, restore self care and take living personally. It is for woman who realizes that she is the one she’s been waiting for. It’s for the women who wants to share her gifts with the world. We offer a warm welcome to women of any level of yoga experience for this retreat. Yoga and wellness is for everybody.