Try a Voice Lessons session if you want feasible ideas and clearly-defined action steps toward your boldest goals.

WARNING: This is NOT a “come as you are” space!

Coaching requires focus and action. Our work together requires you to trust yourself. It requires that you already believe you deserve whatever it is you are working toward.

I’ll walk with you while you name your emotions, then decide what you are ready to do about them.

You can book one session at a time, or call me to talk about doing a series. I work with individuals and groups, so fill out the form below if you’re hosting an event with a focus on self-expression.

For private (individual) coaching, choose from the drop-down arrow below:

Scheduled any way you like; one-time, bimonthly, or monthly. I use a variety of modalities including but not limited to:

  • self-inquiry exercises
  • self-expression focused dialogue
  • chakra exploration
  • incantation and mantra development
  • simple spirituality activities
  • creative expression writing techniques