Solve Vision Board Blues with Personal Leadership

Vision boards are the perfect Law of Attraction resource for setting goals, and for manifestation, right?

Those tools—boards, affirmations, incantations, and even journaling—are absolutely perfect for bringing us into the energy of our desires.

But guess what desire doesn’t do on its own?

On its own, desire doesn’t create the new reality we want to experience. It’s a solid start, but you weren’t looking for a start. You were trying to manifest a particular goal.

Desire (or intention) may be the catalyst, and maybe even fan the flames. But if you’re setting intentions and fanning flames with no real clarity about what you want… and no real confidence in yourself as you act on that clarity, you won’t realize those goals.

You will be going to another vision board party, making another set of new year’s resolutions, setting another ‘damn it, this better work!’ intention that will never ever ever happen in real life.

  • You’ll forget about the goal
  • You’ll tell yourself it wasn’t in God’s plan
  • You’ll accept it and blame yourself in some way
  • You’ll feel shameful about not achieving it

And by ‘You,’ I mean we, because I’ve certainly been there. Repeatedly. But I know better now, and that’s what I’m giving as part of my contribution to women’s personal leadership.

We can’t consciously control every experience we have. We can, however, maximize our opportunities to live happy, prosperous lives and enjoy healthy, affirming relationships when we are comfortable in our own skin, and consistently giving attention and intention to our big, bold, life goals.

I’m hosting a free live webinar training on what will soon be widely known as the evolution of the vision board.

It’s called a Personal Manifesto. It’s a real and proven manifestation technique that keeps you aligned with the actions and choices that help you to actually live the life you crave!

Want to see it in action? Grab your 10-page guide to creating a Personal Manifesto to get started with planning your vision for 2016 now.