Using Color as a Self-Inquiry Resource

What color is your space right now?
That’s the thought-provoking, self-inquiry inspiring question Alisha asked me yesterday.

She sent it via her newsletter actually, and if you’re not familiar with the word-wielding and soul-baring work Alisha’s been doing, please take a moment after this post to stop by her space.

Alisha’s question is one of creative expansion and feelings of re-birth. Her post around this question was filled with opportunities for me to turn my attention to the shedding going on right here in my own soul; right here in my most creative, most vulnerable, always accurate, highly intuitive soul.
And my answer: Blue Lagoon Blue.
Blue Lagoon is the space where both Yemaya and Osun lay claim to the fresh (river) and salt (sea) waters that converge in this magical place. When I was there in April, I made it a point to be with those waters every single day of my stay in the tiny town of San San.

I was loud and deliberate in my askings of the energies that listen in those places. I shed out loud. I let go of shrapnel for old explosions. And I got quiet enough to hear the magic re-assure me that the energies understood me, and that they willingly took away from me the things I told them I no longer needed.

So yes, Blue Lagoon Blue is the exact color of my space right now. Reflective, clear, strong, collective Goddess energy. Welcoming and peaceful. Ubiquitous yet humble. Life-affirming and all-encompassing. Available and protected. Multidimensional and undeniably magical.
And you?
I’ll borrow the questions Alisha asked me at the end of her newsletter’s message:
• What is falling away?
• What does it feel like to be new again?
• Where are you feeling your own euphoric expansion?

Take your time with these. And I suggest writing down the answers that come.