Post 7: What I do to live an untethered life

15 minutes of information about a 3-year process of unlearning, untethering, and unschooling–that’s what this audio post is about.  Special love and light going out to Aamut of Afinana, a Community-Based Cultural Learning Center helping to shape and guide children, youth and young adults to become healthier, conscious beings through various programs, lectures and workshops.

Aamut delivered The Unschooling Entrepreneur’s Guide to Life & Learning to the Afi Nana community as part of an education workshop series, and emailed me with some questions from her tribe. I’ve responded to her questions (and then some) in this format, and I hope it makes it easier for you engage, explore, and encourage yourself through some untethering and unmuting of your own.

Plenty Love!
Can’t see the audioplayer below? Click here to listen on my Soundcloud page.