Unschooling My Daughters the Kidpreneur Way

My work as a parent of 2 girls, ages 9 and 7, has significantly shaped my perspectives on life and love. It was my pregnancy with my first daughter, Marley, that gave me access to the part of me that wanted, make that needed, to feel both productive and fulfilled in what I chose to do for a living.

I’ve always dabbled in entrepreneurship, much like my parents, but always felt it was more of an ideal than a feasible plan. When I had Marley in 2004, I left my “good job” determined to be with my baby and hopefully build my own business. Clearly, I had no idea what new motherhood would entail, as I was disillusioned enough to believe I’d have time to do both!

By early 2005, I was ready to work again, but this time, I knew it had to be doing work that I actually enjoyed. I manifested what felt like the ideal opportunity to gain income and have an impact on the world around me. I stayed in that role for about 2 years, by which time, I had been blessed with another life guide, our second daughter, Sage-Niambi.

Five months into life with Sage and Marley, it became irrefutably clear that if I were to truly live the life I craved, I would need to see entrepreneurship as my only option. And so that’s what I did. And boy, am I grateful that I made that decision, and stuck with it.

Fast forward to today and my hubby Kris and I are both fully immersed in our lives as parents and full time entrepreneurs.  No dabbling here, we’re all in! We believe in the level of empowerment and ownership of self that comes with being an entrepreneur, and we are passing that belief onto our daughters. We are clear that we are not raising brilliant students, stellar employees, or master test-takers.  Instead, we are raising business owners and women who are confident, savvy, and equipped to buy and fly their own jets, proverbially, and if they want, literally.


Kidpreneurs,” a revolutionary book written by brothers Matthew Toren and Adam Toren that teaches even the youngest entrepreneurs about proven business tactics. Since its release in 2009, “Kidpreneurs” has won the NAPPA Gold Award, was named a best seller on Amazon.com, and has earned accolades in major publications like the Wall Street Journal and more. Now, the book’s accompanied Parent/Teacher Guide helps parents and educators utilize “Kidpreneurs” to lead their budding business experts into even more success.
Designed to go hand-in-hand with the original “Kidpreneurs text, the “Kidpreneurs Parent/Teacher Guide” is packed with more than 100 pages of fun activities, reproducible worksheets, and complete instructions to help teachers and parents guide kids in their entrepreneurial journey.

We’re really digging this resource, as it beautifully complements our curiosity-led approach to learning. We are among the growing breed of outliers who choose to unschool, deschool, and let our daughters’ interests and skills take priority over the general consensus of need-to-know stuff.

Are you looking for supporting resources to reinforce the value of entrepreneurship with your children? Here are two tools your kit should not be without:


…and our unschooling book to satisfy your curiosity.

Our Transition to Unschooling