Traci Lavette Lee: My, She’s Fly!

Traci’s outlook on single motherhood is filled to capacity with insightful wisdom and a positive outlook.  Her life experiences have created a woman wise beyond her 31 years, and she’s smart enough (and generous enough) to use her wisdom to enhance the lives of her son, her readers, and now, our daughters, via her “other baby”, Babygirlz Magazine.

[Today’s] girls are in a state of crisis, and since words are powerful, having a publication with words of encouragement, empowerment, and meaning can work to [affect that] condition in a positive way.  When we hear enough of WHAT we can do and HOW we can do it, we begin to know in our hearts that it is a very real possibility. ~Traci L. Lee regarding BabyGirlz Magazine

Execu-gig: Independent contractor with a Personal/Administrative Assistant Service.  Works as personal assistant to several small business owners, and executives on-the-go, specializing in a variety of areas, from creating presentations to general project management.

Mama-gig: Mother to her hugest supporter, her 12-years old son

Other-gig: Editor-in-Chief of Babygirlz Magazine


I love mastering software, making a drab document come alive, and advising in areas of business.  So, while it is not my passion, I do love it. My passion is Babygirlz Magazine. Aside from being a mother, it is the one thing that makes me feel I can make a difference.  I have dreamed of this magazine for years and trying to bring it to fruition for so many years and with so many obstacles has been defeating; yet, the entire time, I felt I was walking away from someone who needed me and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It is my passion because it is ME, and it provides [necessary] outlets I didn’t have growing up.


He is a little business man in that he’s always coming to me with ideas for the magazine. Is one of the biggest reasons I was never able to give up on Babygirlz.  Whenever he saw me getting to that point, he’d say something like “Mom, I told my teacher about your magazine…when is it going to launch again?” Since the launch, he has advised me in several areas of marketing! [He’s] amazing!  He yelled to me the other day from his room (while on playing his video game, mind you!), “Mommy you should dedicate an entire day to passing out your flyers at local high schools and stuff”.  So he has been gifted with business cards that show him as my Junior Marketing Assistant.  He is so that and much more.  Single parenthood is not the easiest task to handle, but my baby has never made it hard for me, being the wonderful kid that he is.


There are not many, though I find myself working into the wee hours, the whole time thinking about all the great things I want to do with/for my son and myself.  There are times where I feel my time in front of the computer or nurturing an idea, that I neglect my son and that is not a good feeling.  So, during those times, I simply include him in the process.  My whole outlook has been that he didn’t ask to be here, so I am assigned to do what I need to do to ensure he lives a fulfilled life…complete with healthy attention from his mother.


The message is important because it can work to open the eyes of young women to what their talents are and to build upon them.  If they have visuals, with supporting documentation, to back it up of what can be done when they REACH, that in itself begins a movement.  When the movement begins, talent emerges and the thrive is effortless because these talents are God-given and can only be enhanced.  That in turn, builds self-esteem, from that she feels empowered, from that she is unstoppable/untouchable, and pride and strength ensues.  From there, it gets passed down from generation to generation and we need that back.


My passion for what I love to do defines my strength as a woman – especially since I have acted on them; they are not dreams deferred.  Being able to see the fruits of my labor and carrying the love of all my supporters with me, helps me to freely define.  And living…they say the richest place in the world is the cemetery because so much talent dies there.  I am living, and consistently nurturing what I deem my talents to be.  Mamahood/Mentor – Life Coach/Businesswoman.  I am living them. There is still much work to be done, but as long as I realize that and actively pursue it, I have no doubts that self-actualization is on my horizon.