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Yoplait and Essence.com got me thinking….

It’s interesting how as we women experience what we perceive as “success” in our lives, other areas start to need more attention.  We get what we want, and somehow find ourselves having more in one area, but needing more in another.

Three Execumamas in difference stages of their journey through Life Design

That’s a snapshot of fellow entrepreneur, blogger, and beautiful Execumama Tiffini Gatlin (@theatlgo2girl) and me with actress and singer, Tisha Campbell Martin at the Radio One wellness event in Riverdale, Georga.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her via Skype last week to get the deets on her New Year, Brand New You collaborative project with Yoplait. She’s the second celebrity Execumama I’ve had had the chance to needle about working motherhood (remember Lisa Wu Hartwell’s tips on Hot Moms=Shallow Moms?) and  I jumped at the opportunity because Tisha’s life in many ways seems to mirror not just mine, but many of yours. Tell me if any of these labels sound familiar…

Driven career woman. Dedicated Mother.

Recent mother (her youngest son just turn 1 year old).

Loving wife.  Woman committed to taking care of her health.

Did you see yourself in any of those descriptions?  If not now, are any of those roads ones you plan to take?  Yep, me too. So when I sat with Tisha and asked her how she felt about everything from yogurt, to body fat, I was leaning in at full attention, ready to grab tips from a super-busy Execumama.  We talked about a little bit of all things Execumama Life, but here are the key points Tisha wanted to share with us…

Akilah: Tell me the overarching theme of this new project.

Tisha: I’ve teamed up with Yoplait and Essence.com for to promote healthy lifestyle choices so we as women can live our best lives.

“I’m so excited to be a part of this campaign,” says Campbell Martin.  “Many African-American women tend to juggle a lot at once, so we put off taking care of ourselves until tomorrow.  That’s why I support the idea that the best time to make our health a priority is today. The small manageable changes make all the difference.”

Akilah: I love it! I wanted to do the interview because my readership is focused on women—many of whom are mothers—who are go-getters, high achievers (and in most cases, entrepreneurs) who want resources for living their best lives while they build their careers, raise their children, and nurture their relationships with their husbands, and family all at the same time.  Sometimes, our health suffers through that though, so we want to know how you’re doing it.

Tisha: It had to start slow. Actually saying it to myself first—admitting it, then the Yoplait campaign comes along and and I knew I had to make changes.  I made it about me. I used my time during my commute to and from work in the car, to focus on myself.  I listened to things that were good for me.  Then I added working out, then I got on a role, then I had to add to that eating right.  I have my Yoplait yogurts, nuts, and granola readily available so that I could have my drinking cup filled with those sorts of goodies in the car instead of brownies.

**Why’d she have to mention brownies, though?  That is my absolute weakness – LOL!**

Akilah: Yes, I get that. It’s about setting yourself up for success.  Okay, but what happens when you don’t feel successful? When you look at your body and it’s different due to having babies, and just overall life changes.  What’s your strategy for feeling beautiful throughout the changes?

Tisha: That’s a great question! First of all, I don’t get on a scale, because my weight fluctuates depending on what’s going on, and it’s not about that. It’s about my optimal life, and making healthy choices. I kept one dope dress as my inspiration, but I took out the other small stuff, and I encourage women to embrace themselves now and get into the clothes that fit them now.  Again, just start with small changes, and make it about your health, not your weight.

I think those are some great pointers for all women, don’t you?  Tisha kept it all the way real (just the way we like it!) and reminds us that we are beautiful at various sizes and staged, and that when we allow ourselves to release the guilt of self-care and start making sure “Mama’s happy”, then we and our families are better for it!

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My gratitude to Tisha Campbell Martin and Yoplait® Today for the chance to highlight another awesome Execumama who clearly speaks fluent Life Design!