Tiffany Campbell: My, She’s Fly!

At Temple Yoga Wellness Center, the goal is to stay present, breathe consciously, and of course,


TIffany Campbell gets to play barefoot all day, and manages not only to get paid while she does it, but to give something to everyone within ear and eye shot of her at the same time.

“I live my fullest self by remaining present.  I let the breath I’m taking right now be just as important as the next one, and I live in my now, without waiting for special occasions to express my feelings.”

The 37 year old Atlanta native, turned New York -based TV producer and writer, left her successful, but physically and mentally draining lifestyle when she took her first yoga class more than 15 years ago.  “I’d never been so challenged, yet at peace at the same time,” she says of her first encounter with yoga.  “In my career, I constantly experienced anxiety, insomnia, and stress, but after that first class, I went home and was able to sleep for the first in a long time; it literally changed my life.”  Since then, Tiffany has become a certified yoga instructor, and teaches yoga at CNN, Turner Broadcasting System, AYM Fitness, Coca Cola, Yoga Hive, and a few other locations, including individual client sessions.  The mother of two boys (ages nine and eight) happily juggles the busy life of an entrepreneur and mother.  Ah yes, a certified Execumama, and a fit one at that!


Being a mom often finds us hard-wired with extreme amounts of guilt, and though I do at times feel that [guilt], I know that all I do is a part of who I am.  We’re moms, and our main role is that of director! We’re directing this big feature film, and some mornings, just getting our families out the door is a big production.  Later that evening, the production starts all over again, and that’s a lot to deal with.  What works for me is to remain present, and that releases any guilt.  When I’m with my children, I’m present and in the moment.  When I’m teaching a class, I’m equally present and in that moment.  As long as I’m present and focused, I’m doing my job.

Amen! And when our minds aren’t filled with guilt, we’re left with room to explore our fullest selves, and that’s a lesson often hard-learned!  Tiffany is smart enough to pay attention to her life lessons, and understands how lining up with your healthiest tendencies is a gateway to self-expression, fulfilment, and perhaps bliss.  A self-proclaimed “giver, by nature”, Tiffany credits her life experiences in her twenties as the catalyst for her current philosophy.  “I learned how to still give of myself, but in a way that is in line with who I am.  I learned detachment, and that is what yoga is about for me.  When I walk into my class, I detach from my own expectations.  I don’t know in advance what I’m going to do.  Instead, I take a moment to feel the energy of the room and pay attention to my students.  When the class ends and they come up to me saying how great they feel, I don’t take credit for it! It’s not me, it’s YOGA!  When I practice yoga, it’s for me; when I teach yoga, it’s for my students.”


I am a student of the mind and body; always have been.  I look at the health issues we face, especially we as African Americans, who have some of the lowest population numbers and still manage to have the highest rate of preventable diseases, I realize how real and tangible it all is for me.  At Temple Yoga, we help people make healthy lifestyle choices by raising awareness in our communities, and living healthy, but still in accordance with how they live now.  We teach how to replace a trip to a fast food restaurant with a how-to on simple, healthy meals, and we include classes designed to teach children how to prepare their own healthy snacks.  We offer family-centered wellness, and we even offer a Yoga for Weight Loss program that offers a 5-week customized plan to help our clients lose inches, lose weight, and change their mental connection with food and unhealthy habits.

Temple Yoga & Wellness Center opens this June in South Fulton County (Georgia).  In the meantime, Tiffany blogs here, so go ahead and check out her great recipes and wonderful tips on how to remain in line with your mind and body.  Thanks for reminding us, Tiffany! You serve as another brilliant example of how we Execumamas can find fulfilment withouth sacrificing our children or our own passions.