Three Important Aspects of You

I figured Friday’s a good day to introduce a slight shift in your regular thought patterns…

If we’ve been around each other for a while, you’ve probably heard me reference Inner Little Girl as an incredibly useful source of self-inquiry and potential healing.  She’s been coming up a lot lately—in the form of various mermaids at that—and I thought I might talk a little bit more about her here, on this blog.

What follows is an excerpt from Radical Self-Expression Manifesto that offers a deeper view of Inner Little Girl, and her …make that our…other spiritual aspects.

Imagine that when you were conceived, your soul split into three aspects. Each aspect, or version, of you grows and mirrors your literal life cycle, but each stops at specific points in your life.

One aspect stops at around your 7th birthday. She stays attuned to God in the purest, least resistant of ways. She is as unfiltered and self–serving as she is warm and in need of proof of love. She speaks up, both in word and in action. She is the fierce protector of your desires, and she knows how to prioritize what she wants. She is your Inner Little Girl.

One aspect goes ahead to your 77th birthday. She is comfortable in her skin, and she teaches you how to release any guilt around choosing yourself. She also reminds you about the option of compassion over judgment, and forgiveness over resentment. She is your Old Woman Self.

And then there is the aspect who chooses this book and reads these words. She is the only one being observed by Inner Little Girl and Old Woman Self. She is the only one who can act upon a decision. She is you right now. She is Sacred In–Between.


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