Post 1: The Trinity I Believe In (Incantations)

Self. Intention. Attention: That’s the Trinity I serve, and it’s the Trinity that serves me.

I am a believer. And my belief stems from a place of love, soul, and gratitude. I do not believe in the notion that I was born a sinner, or bad, or wrong. I do not believe that I am wretched by nature, and that I should pray and hope to be saved by a man in the sky who will hopefully pity my soul if I complete rituals and pay money to men with nice suits and powerful voices.

In short, I believe that we are all God. And we all came to be God through a Universal Energy that is comprised of love and positive vibrations. The more we learn to love, and the more we act from spaces of love, the more we tune in to God-Self.

This post is about the practice of tuning in to that God-Self. Many of us do so in a variety of ways, and for me, incantations offer a very powerful channel through which I can hear, affirm, and commune with God-Self.

This morning, I woke up with the bones of my newest incantation on my mind. Over the past three years, I’ve been using one primary incantation that has served me well, and …just watch the video. If you don’t see the video at the top of this post, CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE.