The Survival Guide for Women, Mothers & Entrepreneurs

An incessant desire to incite riots in the souls of women.  A riot that

…starts with adamant questioning
…is seasoned with a hankering to experience authentic joy
…results in her emotional wellness
…shows up as radical self-expression.

That’s the intention I held when I wrote this book.

This Kit counters the conditioning set up to support a system that doesn’t quite yet know how to support women like us. So we must create our own system. Page 20

As women, mothers, and entrepreneurs, our days can fly by at warp speed.  Terms like Work-Life Balance appeal to us in theory, because they conjure up feelings of stability, structure, and—if we’re really lucky—happiness.  But there’s a sore spot in all of that…

Work-Life Balance Is a Lie
Aiming for a “balanced” life wreaks havoc on our capacity to priority ourselves.

Do you feel like the top priority in your own life?  Or is the priority less you and more

…your budding business?
…your children?
…your partner?
…your issues with your perception of yourself?

It’s impossible to prioritize yourself when the design of your thoughts and daily actions are focused in the wrong direction.  That’s what this book, and the entire kit, explores. But it’s only part exploration.  The larger part is about solutions.

The Survival Guide

Most of the blockages to our authentic joy fit into 7 categories:

Fear. Relationships. Authenticity. Balance. Money. Excellence. Joy

Those are the seven categories discussed throughout the 12 chapters of this book, which is one part of a 4-piece kit. 1 book. 1 audio version of the book. 12 pages of worksheets. One introductory sheet. All created under one belief: Work-Life Balance is a Lie.

Order your kit and learn how harmony, not balance will lead you to your Authentic Joy.

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