The Smaller Reveal – Yoga For Weight Loss Results

Of course we couldn’t call it the “Big Reveal”, because the truth is, she’s smaller!

Yes, the Yoga For Weight Loss program was added to Tiffany’s “A Better Me” mentality this summer with three specific goals:

– Jumpstart her slowly-but-surely effective weight loss and management program
– Find ways to incorporate healthy eating and regular exercise into her daily routine
– Change her outlook on weight as her adversary

…and I’m so happy to report that SHE SUCCEEDED!!  Remember her first video? #TeamTiffany

Tiffany is having an eventful summer to put it mildly, and her partnership with Tiffany Campbell of Temple Yoga & Wellness Center was just what she needed to help her to remember herself while her career as a playwright and director took flight.

The play was incredible! I laughed, cried, dance and sung as the messages of commitment, forgiveness and faith arose from the stage and permeated the eyes and ears of Torn’s captive audience.

Amidst grueling rehearsal hours, cast management, and all the preparation that goes into a production of this scale, Tiffany opened her mind to the expertise of Temple Yoga & Wellness to help her meet her goals.

It was a 5-week process, with the goal of long-term healthy weight management and lifestyle choices. What’s the result? Let’s let Tiffany tell us herself:

What’s the verdict on the program?
It’s a great program! With Tiffany’s help, my mindset has changed significantly when it comes to exercise.  Overall, I am so much more in sync with my body! I see and feel the difference in my body, and I am more aware of the differences in my muscles and my overall body when I don’t have enough water, or when I don’t get enough exercise.  When I’m on track with my eating and exercise, I retain less water, and I feel better overall.

It was successful because it’s definitely a catalyst for long-term change! I even started cooking a bit, which for me is a significant change! For example, I made it with wheat pasta and turkey meat.

What didn’t work for you?
My weak spot it quick, easy meal planning, for sure.  Some days, the eating plan felt unrealistic for me because it’s such a total shift from my current habits.  I think I need more of a gradual change.  b/c it’s a total shift, and in order to be successful, it probably needs more of a gradual change.  I personally needed more than five weeks to get adjusted to the meal planning element.

What’s the best part of Yoga for Weight Loss?

It’s the sense of accomplishment, and the getting in sync with my body.  I have a make-up session to attend, so we haven’t done an official weigh in, but I definitely lost inches, which is great! I’m fitting into jeans that didn’t fit before, and that had me feeling great!

Now that things have slowed down–meaning my show is done for now–I can refocus my attention on staying healthy.  I fell off with my eating on the last week and a half of my show, and the week leading up to my show was very stressful, so I leaned on my old habits a bit.  I know I didn’t have enough time to really retain the positive behavior because I had only been “re-trained” on how to eat for a few weeks.

Would you recommend Temple Yoga & Wellness’ Yoga for Weight Loss Program to others?

Absolutely!  Tiffany does give you the tools you need for long term change, so the program does what it sets out to do.  At the core, this program is really personal coaching, and Tiffany’s knowledge and nurturing spirit are just perfect for what she does!

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