The One-stop Holiday Gift Shop

Pssst, so you checked out the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for Execumamas, right?  Awesome, huh?

Well, I’m going one step further (because you deserve it!) and aligning you with one last resource through which you can get like a gang of gifts, (yep, I said “gang” of gifts!) all from one reasonably priced online store!

Smell Goods Spa is my e-hangout! Even when I’m not buying anything, I just hang out and make lists for the times that I will. Don’t try to act like you don’t do that somewhere in your neck o’ the woods, too! #sideeye

I’m sharing my faves from their store, and I encourage you to shop and share, because dude, who doesn’t want to smell good!

Fresh Sheets from Smell Goods Spa

What is it? A friendly, multi-purpose mist! Fresh Sheets & Me is for your linen, home, body and vehicle! Containing natural ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice and Silver Citrate! Refresh Sheets, Deodorize Home and Car, Personal Hygiene, Coolant For Skin, Alcohol Free! Yeah, I know, bananas!!

Stay Sweet Power Scents

My daughters, ages 6 and 4, loooove the Stay Sweet Power Scents! Athletic Power in particular seems to be the fave among both girls, and I love how the subtle hints of deliciousness dance around our house as the girls wear them daily. Just rub on a dash and go! Perfect stocking-stuffers and just-becausers for all the sweetie pie girlies in your life!

Alaea Soak

What is it?: Alaea Detoxifying Soak contains Alaea Hawaiian Red Sea Salt and pure plant oils. The purpose of this soak is to relax muscles, ease joints, and to draw toxins from overworked muscle tissue.  Now, when you tell someone you care about to “just chill and relax”, you can provide tools for the task as well!

Chocolate Truffle Inspired

Chocolate? Somebody called my name, and I’m answering, “yes, thank you!” I haven’t tried any of these yet, but rest assured, I shall!  Body wash, body lotion, and the Fresh Sheets and Me blend all infused with scents inspired by the above-noted flavors! Watch me try to eat my sheets in a fit of chocolatey madness!

Okay, I could on ’til the break o’ dawn, but instead, I’ll just start you off at the Gift Giving page, and you can take it from there, right?  ENJOY!!!