The Introductory Message

Welcome, Execumamas and all inspired by her!

Thank you for stopping by! The amazing journey to the birth of my first book, has brought me in contact with YOU, some of the flyest Warrior Women on this planet! This site provides me with the opportunity to be a big girl and stop selfishly keeping you all to myself! What I’m working towards is the creation of an e-spot where those of us in the throes of working motherhood can utilize opportunities to collaborate, nurture our ventures, and stay inspired. These pages are as much for you as they are for me, because I remain in awe of all that you take on, manage, and conquer, in the face of so many what-ifs, and I’ve been called upon to encourage – no, insist – that you share your light. Each month, our My, She’s Fly! page will feature a fabulous Execumama whose everyday is filled with proof of her magic and undeniable inner warrior-ness. Just the knowledge of her will inspire us to do and be even more, and remind us just how much God ROCKS!

Peruse. Smile. Take notes. Subscribe. Share. Those are the simple instructions to best put this site to use. This is where my world and yours converge to share energies and pay it forward by being our FULLEST SELVES. Let’s show current and future Execumamas that they do NOT need to choose between their children and their careers, but can instead push themselves to run that business, work for that promotion, start that side hustle, home-school those amazing babies, pursue that degree, or any combination therein, free of guilt and full of resolve!

Grab your sunscreen, Darlings…’cause the SHINE factor up in here is dangerous!

Celebrating the Warrior in you,