The “How To” For Your Transition (A free conference call)

Meet Lisa Nicole Bell

It’s a “Meet The Resource” FREE conference call for those of us in need of real tips for how to embrace change, and use transition to serve us in the journey of living our FULLEST lives!


“So, here’s the deal: People make changes from one of two places: inspiration and desperation.  I’m here to help you make choices out of inspiration and to master and eliminate anything that would cause you to operate from fear of desperation.”

~Lisa Nicole Bell, The Inspiration Icon


I am truly excited to introduce you to Lisa Nicole Bell. I’ll let her show you what I already know: That her experiences, studies, and intrinsic ability to inspire positive change can change your life!  Lisa—the mind behind the Inspired Life Community, is going to hold your hand, and talk you right through your fear and trepidation about TRANSITION!

JOIN US by calling in on Thursday, December 9th at 1PM (EST).  Dial (323) 417-0075, and use access code 525935.  Here’s what Lisa will discuss:


Why Transition Is Necessary (and how to embrace it)

It’s not that you were totally comfortable in your previous state of being (or maybe you were), but the idea of adjusting, creating a “new normal”, and having to rework your situation is not always the most excitable task. But perhaps it should be! Lisa will touch on the importance of transition in our personal and professional lives, and offer practical tips for coming to terms with, and even looking forward to, change.

The Secret To Making Transitions Work for YOU

If transition is an inevitable aspect of life, and we’re learning how not to fear it, let’s take it one step further and make it work for you. Listen in with notebook and pen in hand as Lisa peels back the fluff and tells you what to do to use transition in your life.

How To Recognize A New Season Dawning

Are you under attack, or are you being prepared for a new season in your life? Can you tell when the shedding of your old skin is at hand? This shedding equals growth, betterment, and access to much more than you currently have–great news, indeed.  Let’s talk about the signs of a new season and how to carpe diem as it comes!

Visit Lisa’s e-space to learn about her work with the Inspired Living Community, and get involved. Inspired living is right in line with the creation of your ideal Life Design.

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