The 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for Execumamas

Are you the shop-till-you-drop type?  If so, kudos! If you’re not, then we’ve got something in common!  I want to know what I’m buying, and pick it up—preferably online—without all the hassle of pondering.

This guide is for my fellow Execumamas who never quite got the hullabaloo around shopping.   I’ve compiled a list of resources for your inner Santa, in part from the guides created by some of my favorite blogging buddies, and in part from the sellers I can’t enough of.  You’re welcome, now get to it, mama–time’s flying by!

Health, Food, and Self:

Naturi Beauty. Only The Food Relationship Coach can do it to you like she does! Want to nourish, nurture, and expand your palate with scrumptious foods and recipes that leave you looking and feeling radiant inside and out? Give the gift of her culinary coaching or private chef services to your favorite foodies. Not in Atlanta? No worries, the world is her workplace, you’re in luck!

Be.Beautifully.Well. Got a penchant for the healing arts? The goddesses behind this company are certified to revitalize and energize you from crown to feet! Their wellness events are always enjoyable, and their services, nothing short of divine!

Heart of Decor, with their affordable approach to beautiful design, reminds us that living and/or working in a well-designed space can do wonders for our creativity and sense of peace. They’ve certainly bought joy to our home, so check them out and see what magic they can do for yours.

The Execumama Pocketguide, written by an author with whom I’m extremely familiar (tee hee!), is meant to shed light on the women who define, design, and live their fullest lives. Yep, they do exist, I found ’em, and they’re best tips grace the pages of the easy read I penned a few years back. It even has tear-sheets with gems you can stick to your fridge to remind you just how AMAZING you already are!

A Collection of Awesomeness:

Denene over at MyBrownBaby put in some serious work, and I’m gonna have to thank her in person for it! Take the guesswork out of best buys for these members of your tribe:

MBB Fresh: 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for Men Thank you! I so needed this, because ideas weren’t exactly a-flowin’ when it came to gifts for the hubs, the bro, the pops, etc.

MBB Fresh: 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for The Ladies which, by the way features one of the hottest African-inspired earrings like, ever! More on that shortly…

MBB Fresh: The 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for Brown Girls. Let’s not pretend it’s not an often daunting task to find toys that reflect the beauty that is our brown babies. In our family,  we are partial to gifts that reinforce what we teach at home: beauty comes in ALL colors, and our daughters, with their kinky hair, curly locs, sun-kissed hues, and variety of shapes and sizes, are indeed beautiful just the way they are. Ooh, and she’s got book recommendations too, including her own heart-warming works! Grab several copies and dole ’em out like kisses!

Deborah Grayson Studios creates hand-crafted collectible works of art (cleverly disguised as dolls) that echo my exact sentiment regarding the celebration of beauty in all shades. Her dolls remind me of myself, my daughters, and the girls with whom I shared my childhood. Whooh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

Lobe Love!

Raise your hand if you love earrings? I am a certified earrings junkie, so let me tell you that it with great care (and pleasure!) that I chose these advocates of all kindsa lobe love!

M.A.I.A. – Modern African Inspired Arts, Recycled and re-purposed wearable art – hellooooo! My posture straightens ever so slightly, and I strengthen my Warrior Woman swag when these earrings hang from my ears. Try not to scream too loud if you’re at work!

MaireDodd features adornment created with intention. I own a beautiful pair of customized earrings that read “Gratitude Opens”, and each time I wear them, I’m reminded of what I am, and how I choose to think. Can your earrings do that?

Tasha Hussey Designs. If vintage costume jewelry, buttons, and materials get you to swoonin’, then this is the e-store for you. Jamaican-born stylist and designer Tasha Hussey is bringin’ it with these flavors!

Fly Gear for Fly…YOU!

Rep JA sell off! Island massive, wheh yu deh?!  Had to include this mega successful Caribbean street wear brand because well…they’re HOT!

Swarthy Daisy is a little bit of urban flavor with a pinch of country.  From pillow covers to tote bags filled with natural hair products, to the cutest T-shirts, this site offers great options for feeling good, fly, and empowered while you rock your gear!

Okay, those are my top picks, but I’m curious about yours. If you’ve done a guide, leave the link in the comments section, will ya! Oh, and let me know if anything on my list is a must-buy for you.

Alright already–deuces, and Happy Shopping, if there is such a thing!