The Carol Roth (Meet The Resource) Call Recording

Carol RothThe book (L), The author (C), The Doll (R) 🙂

Carol Roth spoke to us about The Entrepreneur Equation last week, and WOWZERS, we learned a great deal!

I asked Carol the types of burning question I have as an emerging entrepreneur.  Carol is super candid, so no worrying about whether she’s just giving us fluffy crap versus valuable information that’s worth out time. I asked:

  • How the heck we stay in our soul-focused offerings mode when we don’t KNOW EVERYTHING about business?
  • How do we prepare ourselves to succeed in business long term?
  • How do I know whether I’m operating like “a job” and not like “my own business?”
  • How do I stack the odds in my favor in terms of a scalable, flexible business model?
  • How do I know if/when I should quit?

Here’s what Carol told us Execumamas during our Meet The Resource Call…

[audio:TheEntrepreneurEquation.mp3|titles=The Entrepreneur Equation]