The Best Little Breakup Guide for Women

Self-expression is as much about releasing as it is embracing. When we start to understand that our choices are heavily influenced by our beliefs, we become inspired to start exploring the things we believe, and how we came to believe them. In that process, we often start realize the stark differences between what we have been choosing, and what we would choose if we were more focused on what we want for ourselves, instead of what we’ve been raised or taught to pursue or to value.

This focus on our own wants and our intrinsic needs, is an integral part of Radical Self-Expression Work. Why? Because while we learn to embrace who we are, it is vital that we release who and what we are not.

The following is a description of a brilliant book written to help women shed the skin that does not serve the Self they want to be.

It’s about personal patterns and mental clarity.

It’s about making tough choices without beating up on ourselves for the things that led us away from ourselves.

It’s about celebrating life and stepping away from whatever feels like a slow death.

Written by our very own Relationship Clarity Coach, Monique, this book on self-expression and self-care during a breakup is the best little breakup guide for the spiritually-focused woman! Essentially, the book is about understanding one’s self and getting in touch with one’s power during the difficult time of a breakup or divorce.

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Going from breakup to building

Releasing That Relationship was created for the woman who is ready to end her toxic relationship and move forward. Through combined personal experience with guided exercises and prompts, Relationship Clarity Coach, Monique Allison, offers honest, vulnerable storytelling, and sound personal development strategies to support and empower readers through the nuances of breakups, divorces, and the emotions attached to those processes.

Message from the author:
Whatever your reasons are for you wanting to leave an unfulfilling relationship, I know you are feeling some form of fear or guilt for even thinking about it and probably ashamed for not being able work things out. Perhaps you are afraid to deal with the grief of the relationship ending. Maybe you can’t imagine what life would be like with this change. Or maybe the steps just overwhelm you and leave you stuck. Deep down you know it’s the best thing to do, but not knowing how to begin the process of moving forward makes you feel stuck in your unhappiness.

I’ve been there and I know all too well what you’re going through. I know that leaving a relationship is scary as hell and I’m not here to tell you how to avoid the emotional pain and discomfort that comes with it, because you can’t. Instead I wrote this book, to help you:

  • See past your emotions and be more decisive
  • Breakdown mental barriers in order to remove the thought of feeling stuck
  • Address your conscious and subconscious fears
  • Get really clear about what you want
  • Learn how to create sacred space so you can gain clarity
  • Get closer to knowing and doing what it takes for you to move forward

It’s time for you to commit to doing the necessary work needed to release your unhappy relationship, and this book is a big step toward realizing that goal. Start now with guidance and safe space from someone who has been there.