1. All morally sound human beings deserve to live in a space of fulfillment and abundance.

2. Train yourself to trust yourself.

3. Struggle and change are inevitable, and are always agents of necessary growth; embrace them.

4. Your mistakes are the past.  Know this, and allow them to rest in peace as you move forward.

5. Release the myth of the perfect work/life balance. Instead, embrace the imbalance, trusting fully in the importance of the shifts and transitions while you journey.

6. Women who transition into motherhood are still fully deserving of the right to lead a life that fulfills their intrinsic, personal and professional desires.

7. When one fully commits to a certain standard of living, the undesired tendencies and safety nets eventually become useless extra skin; shed them.

8. The resources necessary in a commitment to personal growth are available now and ready for you to utilize.

9. Your ability to operate at your best—allowing full understanding and compassion for the times you are not—is an integral part of being a successful mother, partner, business person, and overall woman.

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