The 10-Day Countdown for WomanShine!

Okay, so it’s not quite ten days yet, but it just sounds better, doesn’t it??


Ten Days | Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait For With Mom in Mind 2011

10.  I get to put that “Make it happen, mama!” energy to work in a beautiful way.

9.  I get to walk my thoughts and share space with Feminine Flyness and Self-love

8.  I get to watch this Goddess shine, and benefit from this Healer’s culinary gifts

7.  My longtime friend Olivia has helped me birth this baby, and I get to thank her LIVE

6.  Our fitness feature is so freaking unique and delicious, that I’ll likely pass out from excitement

5.  I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with these sirens, and they’ll use their powers to help us define our peace.

4.  My money matters. A LOT. So her wisdom is always welcomed, and you will absolutely adore her!

3.  I get to practice giving it my all, then letting go: planning, guides, registrants, venue, directions…blah, blah, bliss!

2.  I get to see a process unfold from concept to concrete, while chanting life into my ideas

1.  It’s the 2nd round, and the energy from the first one was so yum, I can’t even imagine what this one will bring.

BONUS Track!

:: I get to create the type of memories that I will relish sharing with my grandbabies! I imagine myself being all “remember now, Grandma started the very first With Mom in Mind all the way back in 2010!”, and they’ll be all “2010? Whoah, Gramma, that was like 80 billion years ago!”

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