Kendrick Lamar, Sa-Roc, and Messages in the Music

The issue as I see it, is not the artist’s choice of self-expression, it’s our tendency to rely on someone else to tell us what’s hot and what’s not. Listen with your whole self, and by all means, get down to whatever feels good. But if you’re like me and you crave deep and dope, artistry in music, and lyrics from people you’d actually want to have a conversation with, don’t look to the radio, search for yourself, and share with the world.

On Being More Writer than Warrior

I’m in my flow. I even hear different things that I normally hear. I mean, it’s like I listen differently now. I hear a voice in my mind that clarifies all the words and ideas that come in. It’s like I have a translator for what I hear, and what that means in terms of my writing and my life. I feel spiritually strong.


I write in order to access myself, and to understand myself. I always have. When I write, my innate voice gets to quell the noise and speak to and through me. It’s so freakin’ dope to have this skill and this desire to use written word as my key to…all of it. Writing is freedom. No doubt, writing is more than what I do, it is how I do, and how I be.

Jay-Z Emphasizes the Value of Context and Self-Expression

Jay-Z will reference the importance of developing and trusting one’s own voice, particularly in the face of turmoil and less-than-ideal environments. He designed the life he wanted, and in this video, he is sharing, using a humble wisdom and comforting wit, reminds us why we must risk expression if we want to live well and be excellent. Tell ’em, Hov!