Day 15 – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

Giving you this one today because for damn sure, our hair matters. More specifically, our relationship with our hair matters to us. And it speaks to more than just style; it speaks to elements of identity. And whether we agree on the relevance of natural hair in the greater society in terms of labels and misrepresentations—one thing’s for sure:

Day 13 – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

It’s not ready yet, but I’m putting this out there as way of keeping myself accountable. I will give this, even though I’m afraid that people won’t get it, or won’t want it, or won’t…whateverthehell it.

I will give it. Because it came to me. And because validation has to come from Source/Me first. And it has. So I will honor what comes, because that always keeps me aligned with my joy. And JOY is as radical as it gets.

DAY THREE – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

As my life got simpler, the need arose to shed more and more of the woman I was. That woman was designed from, and focused on, hurt. I had created her to manage the situations I needed to live through, but now, I needed to let that woman go. I started seeing that the legs and wings that grew to pull me through my pain points had now become weights that kept me unnecessarily tethered to much of my past. I didn’t need to run or fight anymore, but…

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The Crazy, Awesome, Nauseating Feeling Of Owning Our Shit

This radical self-expression work is not for suckas, and you probably already know that. You have probably had your own versions of moments that both excited and frightened you shitless.
You’re trying to walk with a clearer understanding of your own Light, right? Me too.
You’re ready to have bolder, richer life experience, and release some of your not-it shit, right? Me too.

14 Radical Solutions for Your Them-Then-Me Mindset

This is another excerpt from Radical Self-Expression Manifesto. I shared a version of it on Instagram a few days ago and the reactions were so …freakin’ awesome! This book is going to serve so many people, and I’m just the being to serve it up without filters! I have certainly overextended myself far too many times, and I’ve made myself the victim, instead of owning my role in the situation. That’s over, and this section of the book holds some powerful knowings to help you cleanse yourself of that tendency too.

The Little Girl, the Old Lady, and the Sacred In Between

My childhood was filled with incredibly rich experiences, and I was one of those little girls who felt loved and highly valued by just about everyone in my life at that time. The reality of how great a gift that was (and is) is not lost on me. In fact, as I’ve been manifesting more opportunities to speak publicly about my work and my beliefs, I’ve found myself telling my story, recounting my childhood, and recognizing the immense emotional wealth I amassed by being that little girl to love.