Music as a Self-Expression Tool for Children

After I write this post, I’ll be heading to my daughters’ closet to pick out their clothes for tomorrow’s unschooling adventure–a trip to The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) to see Tchaikovsky Discovers America, part of ASO’s “Concerts for Young People” series. Both my girls are music lovers, and one (Marley) is learning to play bass guitar, while the other (Sage) is digging violin. I’ve got a great guest post by Leila Viss on behalf of I gladly gave her space on my blog because I think this post offers great supporting insights on the relevance of music and music exploration as a resource for nurturing self-expression in our little ones.


One longtime homeschooling mom (Meredith N. in Tennessee) was gracious enough to answer my questions about her experiences in Unschooling. Check it out, (it’s a portion of the full questionnaire), feed on it, and let me know what nutrients you get.

“If you’re wondering If your kids are learning, then it may be you need to do more reading or thinking about learning itself – what learning is and how it happens. Chances are, you’re stuck thinking of learning in some particular academic sense – not necessarily in terms of subjects, but thinking of learning in terms of acquiring information and skills. Learning is bigger and more complex than that! It’s an integrated process of making connections.”

One Radical Rule for Conscious Parenting

I found myself wrapping my brain around the idea of validation as it relates to my beliefs where learning and education are concerned. Kris and I transitioned our daughters (and ourselves) into unschooling back in June of 2012. The shift was inspired by our oldest daughter’s challenges with school, and further massaged by both girls’ constant assertion that they liked their friends, but didn’t like sitting in class all day and learning a “bunch of stuff we don’t even care about”.