Radical Repurposing

Using Your You-ness to Manifest More Money

So, this mindset and process are as you might have gathered, about helping creative entrepreneurs like us transition out of the fee-for-service model as our only source of income. It’s about smart diversification and a CEO-mindset around what you sell. This Radical Repurposing process is one way you can shift from being the technician over into being the visionary—doing less low-priced 1:1 work, and having a more diverse set of income streams that include evergreens as well as 1:1 offers.

The Action Steps for Self-Care & Self-Love

Radical Self-Expression work is environmental work.

All of us, as sentient beings,
understand ourselves within the context
of the environments we live in.

Who we talk to each day,
What we do with our waking hours
What thoughts and ideas are introduced into our brains most often…

All of those things are what influence our choices,
our actions, our view of ourselves and the world.

Radical Self-Expression work is environmental work because environment dictates outcome.

Moving past shame with presence and purpose

However shame comes into our lives, its presence is almost never ignorable. And thankfully, it is also rarely ever a long-term feeling. I can recall a particularly heavy experience I had with Shame. I didn’t know it back then, but that experience was an integral part of my transition into womanhood. It was the first time I recall ever consciously deciding that I needed to “fix” something about myself.

A 21-Day Self-Care Resource You’ll Love!

#StepIntoWellness is a 21-Day e-course designed to support you with simple daily steps toward well-being. It is currently being offered as pay-what-you can. Low Energy Level? Moody? Undernourished? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Cravings? Excess Weight? Hungry? Bloated? Take a 21-day lifestyle transformation journey designed to help you make an impact in your life, by taking simple, daily steps (consistently).

Post 12: How Our Mothers’ Choices Can Mute Us

As I matured into adulthood, I would sit quiet in conversations at work or even among my friends afraid to express myself because I might say the “wrong” thing. I was well into my 20’s before I understood that having an opinion did not mean I had to agree with everyone else — that it was ok for me to publicly say “I disagree” though I didn’t do it very often at that time. I disagreed inside.

DAY TWO – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

Monique Halley is a Radical Self-Expressionist. Her story could read like a Mary J. Blige song, filled with pain and questions. But Monique did what most of us aren’t able to do–see herself outside of her situation, light her own way, and walk toward a better reality. As if reclaiming her own life wasn’t enough, she…