Post 16: Another short book–but on healing broken

I’ve been working on a series of essays about the mothers, sisters, and other loved ones of Black boys like Michael Brown, John Crawford, Travyon Martin, Darius Simmons, and girls like Renisha McBride. While I heal from the inside, I feel rage for their Mamas. Women whose journeys toward healing broken may be miles in the making. Let me start with me, and then work my way toward doing what I can for them. And for us.

One Radical Assertion from a Woman Raising Daughters

I know you’ve either personally experienced or witnessed the friend-parent. The parent who is doing their best to manage their child’s feelings while they do what they feel they need to do as parents. They want their children to be happy, and that desire even extends into wanting their children to be happy with they choices they (as parents) are making for their children. I don’t think that works. I’m open to talk about it (via comments or direct email), but so far, I think that’s more about a parent’s fear than a child’s wellbeing.


For me, my ever evolving relationship with my ever-evolving body, offers plenty of opportunity for me to practice Radical Self-Expression. My hair and my belly have been my two ride-or-die body parts, and I speak in honor of them quite often. Here’s an excerpt from my new book. It’s my way of practicing what I preach.

Why We Will Never Survive Our Silence

Sometimes we become dependent on the very thing that enslaves us.

We become familiar with the pain, the posturing, and the silence. We busy ourselves with big plans, pretty vision boards, and very important research. We build our nest inside the burning tree, and then refer to the heat as sunlight.

The Little Girl, the Old Lady, and the Sacred In Between

My childhood was filled with incredibly rich experiences, and I was one of those little girls who felt loved and highly valued by just about everyone in my life at that time. The reality of how great a gift that was (and is) is not lost on me. In fact, as I’ve been manifesting more opportunities to speak publicly about my work and my beliefs, I’ve found myself telling my story, recounting my childhood, and recognizing the immense emotional wealth I amassed by being that little girl to love.