Easy Ways To Get In More Exercise

Exercise is one way that I re-connect with myself and practice Radical Self-Expression. Yoga, core work, cardio, and toning–I enjoy all of it…in little bitty spurts. That’s what I need. That’s how I flow. That’s a huge part of how I stay comfortable in my body and healthy in my habits. This video is my way of sharing the link between Radical Self-Expression and my most days (not daily) fitness routine. I hope it serves you.

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Join the 20-Day Spiritual Self-care Challenge

If you join us, you’ll have a chance to share your spiritual goal and explore some options for what activities you want to use (because I’ll be giving you several examples) to help you explore your own spirituality and create some practices to support your spiritual growth.

Each day for the 20 days, I’ll post a video or an audio lecture inside my Simple Spirituality course, which is already live and poppin’ on Udemy. The course is already filled with activities and prompts for simple ways to explore your spirituality. You can pick from over 30 lectures of options, and you can also bring your own spiritual practices to the table as options for you. It’s all about whatever God has placed within you to explore, express, or reclaim.

A 21-Day Self-Care Resource You’ll Love!

#StepIntoWellness is a 21-Day e-course designed to support you with simple daily steps toward well-being. It is currently being offered as pay-what-you can. Low Energy Level? Moody? Undernourished? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Cravings? Excess Weight? Hungry? Bloated? Take a 21-day lifestyle transformation journey designed to help you make an impact in your life, by taking simple, daily steps (consistently).

Post 4: Finding More Messages On Self-Love & Support

If you’re a woman, If you’re a person of color, If you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender,
if you’re a person of size, a person of intelligence, a person of integrity, then you’re considered a minority in this world.

…And it’s gonna be really hard to find messages of self-love and support anywhere.

For us to have self-esteem is truly an act of revolution, and our revolution in long overdue. -Margaret Cho

14 Radical Solutions for Your Them-Then-Me Mindset

This is another excerpt from Radical Self-Expression Manifesto. I shared a version of it on Instagram a few days ago and the reactions were so …freakin’ awesome! This book is going to serve so many people, and I’m just the being to serve it up without filters! I have certainly overextended myself far too many times, and I’ve made myself the victim, instead of owning my role in the situation. That’s over, and this section of the book holds some powerful knowings to help you cleanse yourself of that tendency too.