Day 15 – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

Giving you this one today because for damn sure, our hair matters. More specifically, our relationship with our hair matters to us. And it speaks to more than just style; it speaks to elements of identity. And whether we agree on the relevance of natural hair in the greater society in terms of labels and misrepresentations—one thing’s for sure:

Day 13 – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

It’s not ready yet, but I’m putting this out there as way of keeping myself accountable. I will give this, even though I’m afraid that people won’t get it, or won’t want it, or won’t…whateverthehell it.

I will give it. Because it came to me. And because validation has to come from Source/Me first. And it has. So I will honor what comes, because that always keeps me aligned with my joy. And JOY is as radical as it gets.

DAY TEN – Ditching the Future Tripping Train in Jamaica

A few weeks ago, I visited the grave site of my grandmother’s mother, with my grandmother, and my mother, and both my daughters. It was an epic experience, to put it lightly, and as I engaged and observed, I wondered…

…what dreams and goals my great-grandmother had at my age
…what my grandmother was feeling as she reconnected with memories of her mother
…what the experience would inspire in my mother
…what my daughters would remember about that day
…how this experience would later show up in my work (my writing)


One of my FAVORITE Radical Self-Expressionists and fellow writers, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, talks about the comfort in her skin, and the overall recognition of personal growth, that comes with embracing whatever makes her comfortable. She gives the good word on ankara-print shorts and yellow high-heels over at ELLE Magazine, and it’s short, engaging, and simply radical.

DAY SEVEN – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

I was healing myself with tools that were being created from my healing. Writing was my primary tool, and I used it judiciously. I swear my fingertips caught on fire as I stomped through the forests of my past by way of my keyboard!

What I was gaining access to was more than feelings; they were clumps of fire,…

DAY FOUR – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

Entrepreneurship isn’t always about taking the earning cap off of your income-generating capacity. For some of us, the catalyst for starting our own business had less to do with income, and more to do with personal impact.

For some of us, the idea of work-life anything is absurd, as we are always alive, whether at work or at play, and we want to integrate our whole self into our day, with fulfillment and joy as core values.

I don’t know about you, but I’m positive my life is still in existence during standard business operating hours.

DAY THREE – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

As my life got simpler, the need arose to shed more and more of the woman I was. That woman was designed from, and focused on, hurt. I had created her to manage the situations I needed to live through, but now, I needed to let that woman go. I started seeing that the legs and wings that grew to pull me through my pain points had now become weights that kept me unnecessarily tethered to much of my past. I didn’t need to run or fight anymore, but…

DAY TWO – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

Monique Halley is a Radical Self-Expressionist. Her story could read like a Mary J. Blige song, filled with pain and questions. But Monique did what most of us aren’t able to do–see herself outside of her situation, light her own way, and walk toward a better reality. As if reclaiming her own life wasn’t enough, she…

DAY ONE – 31 days of Radical Self-Expression

This entire process is about feelings of all kinds. the powerful, easy-to-name, readily-available ones; the abstract-seeming, tough-to-define, prickly ones; the ones that fit into no boxes, offer no rationale, and sometimes leave you feeling like you should be doing more (or less) of something.

Why We Will Never Survive Our Silence

Sometimes we become dependent on the very thing that enslaves us.

We become familiar with the pain, the posturing, and the silence. We busy ourselves with big plans, pretty vision boards, and very important research. We build our nest inside the burning tree, and then refer to the heat as sunlight.

One Radical Rule for Conscious Parenting

I found myself wrapping my brain around the idea of validation as it relates to my beliefs where learning and education are concerned. Kris and I transitioned our daughters (and ourselves) into unschooling back in June of 2012. The shift was inspired by our oldest daughter’s challenges with school, and further massaged by both girls’ constant assertion that they liked their friends, but didn’t like sitting in class all day and learning a “bunch of stuff we don’t even care about”.

A Radical Perspective on the Benefit of the Doubt

Sometimes, maybe even most times (and definitely the first time), it’s okay to offer up the benefit of the doubt. But if the same person keeps giving you “opportunities” to offer up that benefit, perhaps it’s not so beneficial after all. And perhaps it’s not about them at all, but more so about you not expressing yourself because it’s easier to acquiesce and call it compassion, fairness, or the high road. I’m not saying that always the case, but I am saying it is always worth considering.

akilah s richards

The Crazy, Awesome, Nauseating Feeling Of Owning Our Shit

This radical self-expression work is not for suckas, and you probably already know that. You have probably had your own versions of moments that both excited and frightened you shitless.
You’re trying to walk with a clearer understanding of your own Light, right? Me too.
You’re ready to have bolder, richer life experience, and release some of your not-it shit, right? Me too.

14 Radical Solutions for Your Them-Then-Me Mindset

This is another excerpt from Radical Self-Expression Manifesto. I shared a version of it on Instagram a few days ago and the reactions were so …freakin’ awesome! This book is going to serve so many people, and I’m just the being to serve it up without filters! I have certainly overextended myself far too many times, and I’ve made myself the victim, instead of owning my role in the situation. That’s over, and this section of the book holds some powerful knowings to help you cleanse yourself of that tendency too.